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Grégoire Charvet

I'm a french software engineer focused on web development. I have a knowledge of the full web stack. and I've been focusing on building web application since 2012. I'm currently living in Taiwan and work at Digbil where I am the lead developper for the back end (node.js). I also manage the deployment and the architecture on top of the amazon cloud.

I'm also a co-organiser of the taipei javascript meetup where I talk regularly about all things web.

I'm a convinced linux user, workind daily with arch or ubuntu vim and the awesome zsh.

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FrogComplete (source - Oct 2013)

A small autocomplete widget asked by Mozilla Taiwan as a pre-interview question. Very simple, it works great in all modern browsers and on mobile.

For this, I used vanilla javascript. It was required not to use any library, so no jquery or similar for this project. It is actually pretty easy, in modern browser, the dom API is much nicer than before thanks to document.querySelector and alike.

Ultimate tic-tac-toe ( source - Aug 2013)

A welcome upgrade to one of the most boring game: the tic tac toe (Randall Munroe has a nice representation of the optimal strategy for this game).

Node.js with This was the main focus of this project. Node.js really shine when it comes to bidirectional communication and a multiplayer game is the perfect occasion to try out this great library.

Ember.js At the beginning, I just used ember to take advantage of the goodness of two-way bindings. Since the board has a memory reprensation backed by regular array, it's a pain to keep the dom and the in-memory board in sync. Ember also make easy to get the state of each part of the board and apply the relevant css, thanks to the computed properties.

Web fractal (source - Jul 2013)

A small toy project to learn new things using the very well known Mandlebrot set.

Canvas I wanted to try out the 'new' canvas element in html5. The main goal was to become familiar with the basic api of the 2d context of canvas.

Web workers This was another technology I wanted to explore and become more familiar with. The main critic I hear about javascript is "javascript has only one thread to execute code, how can you scale ?. It's true that if you need to do cpu intensive tasks, javascript is not ideal, but not with web workers anymore! The computation of a fractal is very cpu intensive and this was the ideal case study for web workers.

No third party library Almost. I still use lodash to debounce a function or two, and Q to make promise and allow for easy cancellation. But there is no trace of jQuery or something similar here. In modern browser it's not that difficult (querySelector !) and I don't target old browsers (no web workers or canvas).