Custom livereload with express and

Here's a very quick guide to set up your own livereload server. By livereload, I mean that the browser automatically refresh when some files change. No more Alt-tab F5 Alt-tab \o/

The server

Get the right dependencies: Package.json:
npm i express node-watch --save


app = require('express')() //express server
server = require('http').createServer(app) //http wrapper server
io = require('').listen(server) // in charge

// watch .js and .css files
watch = require('node-watch')
filter = function(pattern, fun){
  return function(filename){

watch('./', filter(function(/\.js|\.css$/i, function() {
  io.sockets.emit('reload') //send a message to all clients

//set up express to serve static content

You can then start the server with node server.js and head to http://localhost:1234 You should see the content of the directory where you started the server.

The client

The client is ridiculously simple, just add the following snippet in the head of your .html file:
<script src="/"></script>
  socket = io.connect('/');
  socket.on('reload', function() { location.reload() });

The script will be served by the http wrapper.


In less than 50 lines of code, you can now have a server which will refresh you browser every time you change a file ^^

There are other tool for that, like brunch and grunt, but here I needed this feature on a custom server with already a lot of logic inside. So I added it.