git svn and perl bindings

I'm starting a new project and this time I want to use git svn. I am tired of working with git in local but with svn with the repo and always switching between the two.

Except that I had a very annoying bug: Can’t locate SVN/ . I found numerous answer like "install libsvn-perl" but I already did that and still nothing worked (ubuntu 12.04).

So I took the long route: build subversion from source with perl bindings and then build git and git-svn.

For subversion: source and instructions. Make sure to read all the ouput of ./configure For example I had to install APR package. Also install swig for the perl bindings. Then the usual: [bash]./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-static && make make swig-pl sudo make install sudo make install-swig-pl[/bash] And here you go. After that I built git and git-svn from source (make/make install) and that was it.