ssh config

Apparently I like ssh, because here is another post about it. This is a quick note after I encountered this error when I was trying to connect to some machine at work :

Received disconnect from 2: Too many authentication failures

Which is very cryptic. The problem has to do with ssh-agent. When trying to connect, the agent use all keys in store to try to connect. If one has many keys (I have 6 or 7 stored) and if the right key is the last one used, the remote host shut down the connection after n failed attempts. Because it's not always possible to change the number of try on a remote machine to connect, the solution has to be local.

Hence the config ssh file. This file has to be in ~/.ssh/ with permissions set to 600, otherwise it's going to be ignored. The man page of ssh_config describe everything one needs to know about it. Below a quick snippet for the most useful configuration :

Host geekingfrog ,
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/
User user_name

IdentityFile ~/.ssh/226_dsa
User user_name2

Which solve the problem. In the same time, it allow one to uses host alias and username. So ssh becomes ssh mydomain. Also, the hostname and user in the config file also works with scp. \o/