Why I dislike OS X

It's going to be three months that I've been working on a macbook pro, here are some of my thoughts.

The good

It's a very good laptop. Even though I'm mostly using it as a desktop, I can see how good of a laptop it is. The trackpad is excellent. That's a shame I don't like to use a mouse (that's probably the influence of vim). The power managament is also very good. OS X is also POSIX compliant which means most of my beloved cli tools work out of the box, good thing.

The bad

Upon setup, one has to setup an appleID in order to update any software. And for this, a valid credit card number is required. Seriously??? Just to update some free software, I need to hand over my credit card number? That's a giant no.

The finder is pretty bad too. First, showing hidden file is somewhat complex. But worse, even with this option enabled, popup to select files still won't show them. Which means, there is no way to upload a hidden file from a browser without first renaming it.

The ugly


The window manager is horrible for power users and the way to manage applications is terrible. Apple is also not giving users ways to customize their system (changing window manager?). I'm amazed to see most developers in the startup world are using a mac. It's way better than windows (outside the .Net world of course), but I feel the linux world is soooo much better when it comes to development. I'm currently considering my options to install arch linux as a dual boot now.