WT* Taiwan?

Today I got very upset at work for something which is actually typical of taiwanese companies.

We're looking for a new node.js engineer and I was preparing the inteview when I asked the set of technical questions given to each candidates at the beginning. This is basically a written test to evaluate some technical skills in javascript. Let's assume this is useful (debatable). But the real wtf was when I was told that I shouldn't get a copy of the test to avoid "accidental spread" which "would be bad".

So my company (actually, the parent company) is actively preventing me to prepare my interview and consider I am a potential ennemy. Not realizing that if I hire a stupid guy, I will be the guy suffering for it day to day, fixing his mistakes. To sum up:

All in all, the whole thing is completely stupid and works against the company. I'm glad I'm working at very independant branch of this company, with open minded managers and not mindless processes like theses.

If you're a foreigner, or a local with an open mind, be careful of these bullshit when looking for a full-time position.